16+ Professional Shooting Schedule Templates (Film, TV Show)

By November 14, 2022Personal

A shooting schedule template is mainly used in the management of a film or video production project. With the help of this template, monitoring the various aspects of the process becomes easier for them.

What is a shooting schedule?

A shooting schedule is an important document used for a production specifies the scenes that will be shot for each shooting day of a production. Information like production stops, travel time to another location, the wrap of every shooting day, and more are included in it. Furthermore, this document states that what have to be accomplished on each shooting day.

What to include in a shooting schedule?

A shooting schedule contains all details that tell where, when, and who of a scene. Explain in the schedule precisely what is going to be filmed on each shooting day. You should firstly make your script breakdown.

Include the following information in your shooting schedule;


The date is of great important to whole production so place the date.

Scene number

If you have go through an example of shooting script then you may have noticed that every scene is numbered. In the film production schedule, it is important that each scene number from the shooting script is included.


Everyone wants to know in a production that which scenes are being shot in door or which outdoors.


The shooting schedule also specify the designation so that everyone know whether it’s a day shoot or night shoot.

Scene heading

Here, you have to exactly state the location where shooting will take place such as in which house and in what place in the house.

Scene description

In this section, give a short description of the scene that what is happening in all scenes.


It’s up to you whether you indicate the every cast member or just list a few cast members.

Shooting time

You should clearly mention in the shooting schedule how long each section will take to shoot and also state the overall estimated shooting time.

Break times/end of day

Every cast member wants to know how the day will unfold, breaks for meals, when they’ll have to travel, and expected wrap time.

How to identify the order of a shooting schedule?

The shooting schedule must be in a chronological order. Let us discuss below how to place the elements;

Specify a script read-through

The script backwards and forwards must be known by the 1st AD. They have go through the schedule several times. It is suggested that as soon as possible organize a script read-through with the department heads.

Determine the cast and crew availability

Your schedule might be affected by the cast and crew availability issues. However, it depends on the intended length of your production. So, it would be better to discuss with all key individuals about their availability on specific shooting days. Again, you should know about their availability as soon as possible so that to accommodate them you can adjust the order of your film schedule.

Identify all scene requirements

The 1st AD should make side notes about every element that will be the part of the schedule because they can affect the filming order.

  • Location
  • Set design
  • Props
  • Cast
  • Costumes
  • Makeup
  • Stunts
  • Special effects

Determine all shooting locations

Again, you should determine all shooting locations where shooting will take place. A key element of a smooth-running and on-budget shooting schedule is restricting shooting schedules. Due to this reason, a script read-through can also be beneficial. This way, you can know how many locations the production needs.

Check location

After identifying where you have to film, you should visit those locations to decide whether they are available or not. Checking the availability of the location isn’t too important but it would be better to visit it while preparing a film shooting schedule.

For rental location usage, confirm budget viability

Before confirming the location, you must make sure that whether you have enough budget to afford that location or not. Obviously, a heavy amount of budget is required for this purpose.

Develop time of day requirements

In your filming schedule, each scene needs a day or night shoot. These may also affect the film schedule order. While renting a location if you are filming in the middle of night then identify what regulations might come into play. The needs of cast and crew are the factors that you have to consider.

Moreover, the time of year you’ll be shooting is another factor to consider. The shoots that are in winter can be shoot in daylight hours in the northern hemisphere. While, the outdoor summer shoots aren’t comfortable for cast and crew due to temperature.

Determining other production constraints

A number of things can go wrong in the world of production. So, when you are making your shooting schedule, consider the following considerations;

  • Production calendar
  • Daily schedule
  • Holidays
  • Travel time and travel costs
  • Character transformations
  • Scene complexity
  • Equipment availability

Factor in unexpected problems

Here are some issues that will occur with no warning and due to these you have to make your shooting schedule flexible from one shooting day to the next;

  • Sick cast or crew
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Inclement weather
  • Location issues
  • Directorial decisions
  • Pickups or reshoots

The above mentioned issues or problems often happen on the most shoots. When such issues arise you have to handle them with cool head and under the consideration of your shooting schedule.