Printable School Fee Receipt Templates (Word, PDF)

By February 8, 2022Education

A school fee receipt template is the type of receipt used by educational institutions and academies to keep the payment records. It is issued to parent or guardian as a proof that school fee has been paid. A school fee receipt acts as a tangible link among the organization and its client.

The receipt indicates that money has been involved in the transfer of the ownership of a product or service from the organization to the client. However, the receipt is still given in case the amount stated in the invoice is not fully paid. It shows that a balance is yet to be paid. You can’t prove that a transaction has been done without the receipt.

What to include in a school fee receipt?

A school fee receipt should include the following elements;

Student administration identity

The identification of the student should never lack in the receipt. This includes the following;

  • The name of the student
  • The roll number
  • The grade
  • Other information specific to the student


This section includes the;

  • The time of payment
  • The mode of payment used
  • The due date for the balance

You should specify the amount that has been paid for. Make sure to include the balance that is not paid.

Other charges

This part is based on different learning institutions. It may include the following;

  • cost of transport
  • meals
  • tuition
  • special facilities
  • penalties
  • other additional fees that are unique to the school and for the student

Types of school fee receipts:

There are different types of school fee receipts that you obtained from many different sources;

  • Delivery receipts: This receipt is used by schools to keep track of deliveries.
  • Donation receipts: it is used for fundraising activities. With these, you can acknowledge donors and sponsors.
  • Collection Receipts: Proms, graduations and other school events cost money, to collect money for these events, hand out receipts.
  • Payment receipts: this receipt is issued by after payment of tuition fees, library fees, and miscellaneous fees.

Tips for making a school fee receipt:

Here are the tips that you should consider to make a school fee receipt;

  • You should make sure that your receipt is readable. Keep in mind that it acts as after payment of tuition fees, library fees, and miscellaneous fees.
  • In order to make it efficient, include all the needed information that one requires upon reviewing school receipts. Don’t miss payment details like the specific amount. It is also important to specify whom the school receipt was made for.
  • The receipt must contain the signature of the person who issues it.

The advantages of using a school fee receipt:

  • A school fee receipt tracks the payment of school fees. To check fee balance, parents usually don’t have time to keep going to school. But, by using school fee receipt, they can track their payment. To know what to pay next, most parents check on the last receipt received.
  • For both schools and parents, the school receipt is ideal. It acts as proof that some school fee was paid. For instance, if you send your child to pay some school fees, the receipt is only proof that indicates the money has been paid. You should also check on the school stamp to make sure that you get a valid document always.


In conclusion, a school fee receipt template is the document serves as evidence that school fee has been paid. You should include all the essential details on the receipt such as the amount paid, the date paid, and for what the payment was made.