Professional Certificate of Achievement Templates (Word)

By September 21, 2022Certificate

A certificate of achievement template is a type of certificate awarded to children, teens, and adults on the basis of educational accomplishments, meeting or exceeding work goals, sports achievements, and many other reasons. A certificate of achievement is easy to make. You can customize it with different wording, fonts, and graphics.

Furthermore, the certificate contains the name and specific achievement of the recipient. You can use a template if you want to make a large number of certificates to hand out to a group of people. The certificate is can be printed on standard paper or on heavier-weight paper to make them look more official.

When do you use a certificate of achievement?

There are various special events where it is suitable to provide someone with a certificate of achievement. These certificates are used by schools and colleges to recognize students who have achieved specific goals. Employees are also awarded these type of certificates by the companies or organizations when they reach a certain sales goal or perform outstanding work ethic.

In addition to this, sports organizations give these certificates to recognize athletes who have reached a specific goal. They also provide the achievement certificate to the whole teams when they win a tournament or championship game. Sometimes, the certificates are awarded along with another prize or special gift.

How to draft a certificate of achievement?

For most types of certificate of achievements, there is a basic format that can be used. This basic enables you to customize the certificate with graphics and text so that you can make the certificate that best meet your specific requirements. There are some specific points that must cover by all certificates of achievement. Here is the list of the points that you must consider and ensure that you cover all the basics and include other information as required on the basis of your specific requirements;

Name of the recipient

The name of the person receiving the acknowledgment is one of the most important things to include on your certificate. You may have to include a general team or group name in case of large teams or groups. However, most of the people usually prefer the personalized option that provides an individual name on each certificate.

Specific achievement

It is important to a line or two that defines the reason for the certificate. a general statement that covers everyone in the group will suffice in case you’re awarding these certificates to a large team or group. On the other hand, just include the details of the specific accomplishments of the recipient.


On the most certificates, the date of the award is standard. You may mention the specific date the award is given. Also, the date when the achievement was accomplished might also be included.

The certificate provider

It is always essential to add details on who is giving the award. You may include sponsor’s names in case of teams or groups along with the individuals or organizations involved.

How to format your certificate of achievement?

It is important to make it look neat and professional while making a certificate of achievement no matter the occasion. Keep in mind that this certificate is going to be presented in the home, office, or business location of the recipient along with your name mentioned on the certificate. Thus, it directly reflects on your organization. You should make sure to use a clear font that’s large enough to read from some distance.

Additionally, the certificates have several font types and sizes that make difference between the different components of the certificate. In case, you are using graphics on the certificate, make sure that they are clear and recognizable. You should make use of graphics that are relevant to the award itself or a business or organization logo.

A certificate of achievement can be used to acknowledge someone who has accomplished a specific goal. In the child’s sports, they are great for use. It is the best way to acknowledge children of any age with a personalized document they can display in their room. For adults who may have accomplished or exceeded a certain work goal or another accomplishment, the certificates of achievement are also an excellent option.

A well-drafted certificate of achievement should contain the names of the recipient and the person or organization giving the certificate. The certificate must contain the reason for awarding the certificate and the award date.

The advantages of certificate of achievement:

  • Providing these kinds of certificates in educational and professional settings make your employees and students more productive and more eager to work or study.
  • The certificate of achievement helps in improving confidence and self-esteem of the people.
  • This document acts as a concrete proof of someone’s accomplishments.
  • The act of recognizing the efforts of employees and staff assists in nurturing staff and employees in an organization.
  • For companies and organizations, Achievement Certificates are accompanied with monetary compensations and used as tax benefits.


In conclusion, you can make a certificate of achievement template in a standard word processing software or in graphics software. Before printing, you must proofread the certificate in order to make sure that you have the correct spellings of names for individuals or businesses. You certificate should be personalized, neat, and professional.