Free Editable Training Manual Templates & Examples (Word)

By May 9, 2022Business

A training manual template is an effective tool used to achieve goals for a performed task. This document generally applies to beginners. The manual can also be helpful for people who are familiar with the performed task. It is basically a book of instructions drafted to improve a performed task.

Moreover, the training manual is not just used in businesses, but also all the establishments who are involved in methodologies are also used it. A new hire employee will always require a manual. The training tool can be used for the following purposes;

  • Introducing the subject matter before training
  • Acting as an outline that have to be followed during training
  • Acting as a reference of subject matter after training
  • Referencing document

Using these types of documents make sure consistency in the presentation of its content that involve skills, processes and other information.

Benefits of using a training manual:

A well-researched and well-written manual has a lot of benefits. Let us discuss them below;

Reduces the time required to train

For employees, when it comes to performing the tasks, a well-researched and well-written manual will prove a lifeline. Usually, the manual has procedures that will make the employee able to his assigned task with less interference from the supervisor. Hence, this will save employees time and effort and boost his confidence.

For example, the employee can refer to the manual if he were assigned to attend a conference out of state. The manual would contain also his travel arrangements such as what airline, what service car, and more. You may also like flow chart templates.

Guarantee the continuity of a business

Work does not stand still upon the absence of a co-worker. To finds out who else can take over the absentee’s job, refer to the manual on SOP’s in order to make sure there is no vacancy in the continuity of that job.

Standardization of procedures and processes

To handle repetitive situations/tasks, the manual will give SOPs that would make it easy to find out what policies and procedures are in place.

Delegating is made easier

For each staff members, short job description and contact details will be contained in a good SOP manual. This could easily give you information on personnel who would be able to take over.

Techniques for making your training manual:

There are three techniques that you can use to make your training manual;

Gathering the information

  • At first, you should compile the information you require to cover for the manual. Identify the different processes and knowledge points that require to be covered and make sure that you are clear on each topic.
  • Focus on details as missing one could later on confuse your users. You will get wrong output by omitting a step in a procedure.
  • It would be best to make an outline of the flow of the training manual. You should organize your details in a logic sequence. Start with the basics.
  • In your manual, it is possible to write self-contained sections. When you do so, then segregate it from the sections that are coherent.
  • Including a table of contents and an index is very important and handy. They help the users in navigating the contents of your manual without having to read the entire manual.
  • Make the table and index as detailed as you can so it would be easier for the user to find items that need to be reviewed.
  • Write informative chapter previews and for each chapter, allow two to three paragraphs of preview.
  • Each chapter ends with a summary that should be concise and touches the most important information of the chapter.
  • Writing a manual would need collaboration and cooperation so you can gather people to assist you.

Consider the audience that will be using the manual

  • You must know who your audience is. Determine whether they already have a knowledge base or are starting from zero. This will lay the foundation throughout the manual how broad or specific you will be.
  • Reading the manual is not enough, you should also include problem-solving scenarios and discussion topics. Create a situation for the readers so that they can try to solve a problem using their readings.
  • With videos or audio recordings, enhance the manual. To learn about the company policies, a written manual is the basic instrument for the users.

Assessing the understanding of your users

  • For user note, include a section. The manual’s each section should give for blank spaces. This motivates users to jot down what they are learning.
  • At the end of the manual for notes, you can further leave blank spaces for each chapter that may serve the user accordingly.
  • You should make use of images and graphics. Readers or users are generally attracted to the use of something visual. Charts of essential data are good visuals. Images of machineries are also good that the user will encounter at work.
  • Add checklists of essential steps. Manual generally have several processes with various steps. You should make a checklist of these processes. This is because it would make it easier for a user to refer to this when he requires to. In addition to this, you should make these pages easy to tear so that the users keep the checklist handy while they working on tasks.
  • To measure learning, include Activities and Quizzes. In measuring the progress of the users, Activities and Quizzes are an important gauge.
  • These quizzes aren’t part of the official testing. They should be provided to employees at the end of their training. This is just a way to help them along the way and gauge how much they have learned.


In conclusion, a training manual template is an effective document through which employees gain access to the policies of the company. New employees learn about the company through the training manual while, old employees regarding new systems or programs.