Free Self-Employment Ledger Templates (Excel, Word)

By May 31, 2022Business

A self-employment ledger template is a document that contains a detailed and accurate record of your self-employment income and expenses. This document keeps accurate and up-to-date records of your income for your taxes.

The importance of a self-employment ledger:

A self-employment ledger provides a lot of benefits for financial or money management. Let us discuss below the importance of this document;

Tax benefits

With a self-employment ledger, you can keep an organized record of your expenses. This way, you will become able to reduce your taxable income and lower your tax bill.

Better financial planning

You’ll get a clear picture of where your business finances stands by having organized records of your expense and income. Accurate recordkeeping is important so that you know how much money you’re earning a month and how much you’re spending. Thus, the self-employment ledger helps you in managing and forecasting your future finances.

Access to loans

A self-employment ledger serves as an evidence of income for loans. The summary of your expenses and income document can indicate your net income. This informs the lenders how much you are making after your expenses. The self-employment ledger can help you report your income accurately if are applying for health insurance.

Where do you find self-employment contracts?

You can find self-employment contracts and self-employment ledger forms or templates on different websites. These are already written contracts. They can only be downloaded for personal utilities.

It is very essential for self-employment persons to invest in finances that will help them in drafting their personal contracts. You can ask for assistance on how to formulate a personal business contract in case you happen to be in a position to know anyone who runs a self-employed business. Also, you can seek help from any government or private financial advisers.

The significance of well-formulated self-employment ledger templates should be kept into consideration. This is because self-employed people have little legal employment responsibilities. Also, they have a large number of financial hazards like fraud than ordinary employees.

Common law and employment agreements:

Every country has its unique laws that safeguards the rights of employees. The law has strict rules and regulations. They helps in controlling employment contracts and the rights of each and every employee. These are referred as statutory rights. Every employee has to follow these rights. They should be mentioned in each and every employment agreement. But, when it comes to matters relating to self-employment, these rights differ.

What should be included in a self-employment ledger?

The self-employment ledger indicates employers or clients your details of cash returns. It includes the details of an invoice. When formulating this important document, you should include the following;


In this section, you have to include your names, the name of your business and your personal names. You and your business cannot exist without the other as both of you are the same entity.


You must keep a record of all self-employment ledger templates whether it is recent or canceled ones. Soft copies are the best. This is because you can easily save them to your computer. But, you must have a backup device like a portable hard disk.


Take note of the dynamics of VAT rates. Specify whether you are VAT registered in order to get a clear understanding of VAT rates on your self-employment ledger template.

Invoice numbering

You numbering must be consistent as well as it should have an orderly sequence.

Tax Avenues

The self-employment ledger template must contain your tax avenues. It should be same with the template’s date.

Payment terms

You must think on the payments of payments critically. This is because in case, you happen to work with large companies or bigger clients they want you to specify their terms of payment in your self-employment template. Make your payment terms right before you make decision to work on a specific project.

Bank details

On this important document, you should never forget to include your bank details. This is common mistake that people may find themselves doing. You may also like employment application templates.

International trade

It is suggested to mention his or her international trade only if you are VAT registered.

Order number or referencing

You have to consult with your employers or clients to know whether to involve “Purchase Order Number.” This will serve as reference to your clients or persons who hire you for your services. It should only be used to divide cost on certain projects, budget, or total pricing at their end. Alongside larger employees, this mainly takes place. You must make sure that your order number is accurate in order to avoid too much delaying of payments.

Keeping records

You can use the services of online book-keeping systems like Xero. You can list down the following important items in ledger document, if you do not need the services of an online book-keeping system;

  • Details of work or project
  • Client’s or employer’s name
  • Total amount of deductions and VAT
  • Invoice date and number
  • The date you obtained your payments


In conclusion, a self-employment ledger is a document that contains a detailed record indicating self-employment cash returns, both expenses and incomes. It reflects the clients or employer your details of cash returns.