17+ Best Progress Report Templates (100% Free)

By May 11, 2022Business

People use a progress report template when they work on a project in school or a company and they have to give a progress report on how the project progresses and where they’re presently at.

What is a progress report in project management?

A progress report template is a document used to provide timely update on the progress of a project. This report includes answers to questions that everyone will ask them. It should be precisely written that offers high-level information about a project.

Furthermore, the main purpose of writing a progress report is to keep the stakeholders and investors in the loop on how the project progresses. You can expect fewer questions when you have a sample progress report as you’re already ahead of the game. The report indicates that you’re on track. This way, everyone feels more confident.

The importance of a progress report:

Sometimes, you may feel that writing a detailed progress report template is too redundant. But, a weekly progress report has the following benefits;

Everyone should be on the same page

Give each person a copy of progress report so that they know the status of the project. This assists you in preventing confusion on what is already done and whatever is still pending.

Promotes collaboration

Collaboration is very important when different groups need to work together. When each team are aware of what the others should do, it assists in preventing the risk of redundancy. The report can also assist one team for searching the areas where it could give assistance or join with other teams.

Promotes accountability and transparency

After submitting your progress reports formats, you will keep track that you have accomplished a task or describe why your results are changed from what is expected. When the document is accepted, it becomes a part of the project’s official documentation. Moreover, when someone in the future accuses you of failing to complete a task or not reporting an issue, the progress report becomes an important evidence at that time.

If your project get nominated for an award, then validators will request for documents to demonstrate on the flip side how you accomplished the whole project.

Improves the assessment and review of projects

For future projects, this document can become a resource document. Your team use it to determine what you did right, what went wrong, and what to improve.

Gives insight for future projects

The project managers can find out what tasks you have completed and from there via your progress report. They can pay attention on keeping record of the progress towards the next stages of your project. In addition to this, the report also gives details regarding the occurrences of delays.

How do you write a student progress report?

When making a student progress report, you should consider the following pointers;

Ease of understanding

You should ensure that every comment you make can be easily understood by parents. In each sentence, try to use two connected ideas to describe the student’s progress.

Straight to the point

When writing a report, most of us tend to divert from the topic. Even, sometimes we include unnecessary information that causes confusion. You also have to let the parents know regarding relevant matters that are related to their children.

Avoid using teacher jargon

Parents don’t want to read teacher jargon. While writing your student reports, avoid using teacher jargon. The details present on the report should be both precise and clear for parents to understand it.

Inform parents regarding the level of accomplishment of the students

Highly detailed descriptions of the curriculum or a list of all the activities and units you will take up in class are the things that you should avoid while writing reports. Usually, parents want to know regarding their children’s performance in relation to the expected achievement levels. Also, they want to know the areas in which the child needs improvement.

State the current performance of the students

During writing the reports, you should continuously go back to the samples of the child’s work. You can use these examples as proof to indicate the student’s achievements of the students against the standards or in comparison to other students in the class. Additionally, you should base all of your comments on proof and prepare to give examples of the student’s work.

Never leave the progress report to the last minute

The very important thing while writing reports is the collection of data throughout the year. You can monitor the progression of each student’s learning with these while giving a collection of high-quality proof.

Use a checklist

You may consider using a checklist in order to avoid the chance of leaving anything out or writing too many details. This will make sure that you have included the following;

  • The accomplishments of the student
  • Areas that require improvement
  • What the school does to support the student’s
  • Recommendations on what the parents can do to assist their child progress
  • New comments with new learning aims

Prepare the parents

Don’t write reports that indicate the expectation of parents. For examples, in case, you know that a child can’t get a standard or may need more support to complete tasks, then before giving parents their child’s report, it will be strongly suggested to interview the parents of such children.

Get the students involved

The child’s involvement should be involved as much as possible. Encourage them to set their personal learning goals. After that, evaluate these goals at the end of the learning period. Assist them in determining their own strengths and the areas where they require improvement. To make them more customized, include in their reports their individual learning goals and assessments. By doing this, the students will get some level of accountability for their learning.


In conclusion, a progress report template is an executive summary of the progress a person or a team achieved on a specific project over a particular period of time. The work you have covered explained it in detail in the report.