Make Your Own Mind Map Template (100% Free)

By April 13, 2022Business

A mind map template is a handy tool used by a lot of people for planning, presenting data, brainstorming, and more. You can make a mind map template using software like PowerPoint, or Word. Mind maps are very effective as they enable you to use your left and right brain at the same time.

The left brain is detail-oriented so it controls analytics and logic. Also, it is very organized and structures. While, the right side is creative. It helps you think freely. The right brain starts working automatically when someone tells you to “think outside of the box.”

It becomes very invaluable when you use both sides of the brain to make a mind map template. Instead of a notepad, you can use it to make lists. Furthermore, the mind map would enable you to think more creatively regarding the topic you are going to write.

Benefits of using a mind map template:

You can see the bigger picture when you use a mind map to organize and classify concepts. Let us discuss below some benefits of using such templates;

Assists you come up with ideas quickly

The main advantage of using mind map is speed. You can explain your ideas in the form of shapes, keywords, and pictures with the help of template. You can keep going back to the ideas you’ve already written since you are building the map.

Helps you recall things better

Mind maps can stimulate the brain in new and different ways effectively. By using this tool, you can come up with more ideas. You can also determine the associations or connections of your ideas. Also, this would allow you to understand the central concept better. An effective comprehension will improve retention of the concepts. In addition to this, by using mind map template, you can think creatively throughout the whole process. Thus, it would become easier for ideas to flow.

Makes the thinking process more fun

Making thinking and learning process more fun is an important benefit of mind maps. You can learn and think of concepts easily by making a map. The process becomes faster if you are having fun while learning. To provide your template life, you can use images, colors, keywords, and more.


When making mind maps, there aren’t any standard rules. There is no need to follow a strict structure to make one. You can also easily add new ideas to the map.

Make associations between your ideas

The mind maps also help you in connecting and associating ideas and concepts better. You can pay attention to the associations when you’ve written down the ideas.


Mind maps can be used for different tasks. They are used to learn, make lectures, present information and more.

Gives an ideal overview of your concepts and ideas

You’ll have a more profound understanding of the main concept when you are done making mind maps.

Basic parts of a mind map template:

A mind map would include some basic parts. These are following;

  • The central topic: it is the main theme, concept, or title of your document.
  • Main topics: focus on main topics or ideas to define the central topic.
  • Some subtopics: these include details explaining your main topics.
  • Callout topics: these are additional information regarding a specific topic.
  • Floating topics: these have more details regarding the central topic.

How to make a mind map template?

You can make a mind map template in different ways. You may even download a template online to make things easier. Then, you just have to enter the information on it. Here are some tips that you should consider while making the template;

Begin with your main concept

Your main concept is the first thing that you have to think about. It will be the center of your mind map. In the middle of the page, write it down in big and bold letters. These mind maps begin from the center and expand from there. The main concept can be a problem that you are trying to deal with. Moreover, it can be considered as a challenging topic. You might be brainstorming a project.

Include some branches to your main concept

Include some branches to your main concept when you have written down it. For the basic subtopics, this will act as the outline. They should assist you in organizing the information you’re planning to write. There is no need to write too many keywords and details on the branches. Generally, all you require are words or short phrases.

Keep adding branches when you are exploring new topics

Exploring new topics, ideas, and concepts is the next step. Just add more branches when you think of something new. You should organize your information as much as you can. Keep in mind that the information should be closer to your main topic. After that, place the less-essential information further from the center as you branch out.

Include some graphics and colors

Through color-coding, you can make your map more organized. Within the template, you can assign colors to the different categories or levels. You can also include images and graphics. If you want your mind map to be more visual in nature, then do this. This assists you in remembering information better when required.

Collaborate with other people

When creating mind maps, you can also collaborate with other people as they aren’t just meant for individual work. Brainstorm with your group in order to make complete and comprehensive mind map. It is an effective way to learn new things from others. You’ll definitely gain more knowledge whether you are making the map on your own or with others.


In conclusion, a mind map template is a valuable tool to collect and present information in an effective and organized manner. Mind maps are very useful for managing group meetings and making important decisions. With the help of a template, you can organize a lot of information.