10+ Free Field Trip Permission Slip Templates & Forms (Word / PDF)

By September 14, 2022Business

A field trip permission slip template is an effective tool used by many schools who organize field trips for their students. This slip is used to get permission from the parent or legal guardian of the child/children.

What is a field trip permission slip?

A field trip permission slip is a document sent to the parent or guardian in order to get permission from them to take their minor children on a trip away from the facility. This document is mainly used when the school wants to take children off-site. The main purpose of this document is to inform the parents about the movement and the trip.

Parents should also inform the school or organization in the permission slip about any medical conditions or special considerations for their child. In case any accident occur, the permission slip provides the liability protection for the organization or the school. Moreover, it gives the clear description about the following;

  • What the trip is for
  • What children will learn
  • Where they are going
  • How they will be getting to that specific place
  • Any activities in which children can participate
  • Specific things or clothes that they require to have
  • The required fees for the trip

Information to include in a permission slip:

There are various things to include in a permission slip on the basis of the activity you plan to have. However, include the following details in it;

The activity details

You should think about all the questions that will come in parents or guardian mind after listening about field trip. Then, answers as many questions as possible for the parents. You have to include the place where trip will be gone, the time of departure, and the trip charges. Some important elements to include are following;

  • Teacher-in-charge: you must specify the name of the teacher who is in-charge of this field trip. By having this information, parents can easily contact to the teacher in case they have more questions to ask at the time. If there are more than one teacher’s in-charge then mention them.
  • Field trip location: the location where trip will be gone should be mentioned.
  • Date and time: the date and time of departure as well as when you expect to be back should clearly mention in the slip.
  • Lunch arrangements: in case, the children have to bring their own lunch for the field trip then specify the details on lunch arrangements. Sometimes schools or organizations will provide lunch along with the trip. So, make it clear that whether the children bring their own lunch or the school will provide it to the children.
  • Field trip fees: indicate the amount of fees the school will charge for the field trip. However, sometimes these trips will be free of cost.
  • Due date: school must receive all the slips in ahead of time so that they know the number of students that are going and make arrangements according to them. Thus, provide the parents sufficient time to submit the permission slip.
  • Expectations: explain all the rules and regulations that are mandatory to follow for going on the field trip.

Parent/guardian permission

Since the main purpose of this slip is to get consent from the parents to allow their child to go on the field trip so leave some space for this on the slip.

Medical details

There must be a medical details section on the form because there are some students who have allergies or need to take medication during the field trip. The parents or guardians must have to provide details about these medical concerns in case there children have some medical conditions. In addition, this information is also very useful for the teachers and volunteers for the take care of the child. Also, they can provide the required medications to them during field trip.

Additionally, you may include the following details here;

  • Allergies
  • Special dietary needs
  • Specific medical conditions
  • Any physical limitations
  • Medications
  • Any contagious disease

Emergency contact details

It may also be possible that something unexpected happen to the child during the field trip and the organization will need to contact someone for the child. For such a situation, you have to provide an emergency contact number of someone who can arrive in case something happen to the child. So, leave a space for emergency contacts on the permission slip.

Signatures of the parents/guardians

At the end of a field trip permission slip, leave a space for the signatures of the parents or guardians. It is considered the most important section of the entire slip. The signatures of the parents or guardians indicate that they allow their child to go on the trip.

Comments or instructions section

There must be a section for comments or special instructions on the permission slip. Most parents usually leave this section but it is advisable to ask some of the points that they think were missed in the entire form. In doing so, they make sure that they have clear all information in order to make their child’s field trip successful.


In conclusion, a field trip permission slip template is used to protect the school or organization in case any accidents or injuries happen during the trip. By filling out this form, parents/guardians give consent that they are accepting any risks that might be occurred during the trip.