Free Employment / Job Application Form Templates (Word)

By May 17, 2022Business

The hiring manager or employer make use of an employment application template in order to streamline the process of hiring new employees. This document makes things easier for the hiring team. It is essential for an applicant to familiarize himself or herself with this document because it assists them to fill it up properly when needed.

The purpose of an employment application template:

The main purpose of an employment application template is to gather all the necessary and legally requested information from the applicants. The employers require this information to track, respond to, and manage each job applicant. Furthermore, a signed application form gives the employer legal verification that information provided by the employee is accurate. Also, it ensures that application is submitted for employment purpose.

This document is used to collect important details regarding applicants that are applying for a job. However, it also serves more than a tool to organize and track applicants. It is the candidate’s first impression of an organization. This is particularly important in an age of data protection laws and heightened awareness about ethical hiring practices. The application should be drafted in such a way that it contains information that job seekers wouldn’t necessarily include on their resume. You may also like Employee Handbook Templates.

The important elements of employment application form:

According to a range of factors such as company policy, industry type, legal regulation, employer location, and more, the content found on employment application forms may vary. Include all the essential elements in the form and makes sure it provides a snapshot of the applicant. To differentiate among applicant credentials, relying on resumes alone is not a quick or efficient method to track candidates or organize the hiring process. However, the standard employment application form includes the following components;


This section includes the necessary information the applicant must provide to be considered for a position. For instance, this may be an instruction to complete the application in its entirety. Also, this could be a notice to disregard requested information in case it is included on an attached resume.

Personal information

In the personal information of the applicant, includes his/her legal name, preferred name, and contact information as well as mailing address, date of birth, phone number, and email address.


Here, you have to include the information requested regarding the specific job the applicant is applying for, available start dates, desired compensation, and more.


The information to include in this section may vary. But, it generally includes the school name, type of degree(s) obtained, area of study, and graduation dates. You may also require information regarding specific licenses or certifications that the employer requires or prefers. You should also check Employee Database Templates.

Employment history

Include the following details here;

  • The name of the employer
  • The supervisor contact information
  • The address
  • The dates employed
  • The job title
  • A summary of the job
  • Details on the skills required or qualifications obtained
  • The reason for leaving


The contact information and the nature of the relationship are included in this section such as professional or character reference, colleague or supervisor, etc. Employers usually leave this information off of the employment application form. At the interview phase of the hiring process, they ask about it.


For legal purposes, to attest the applicant’s accuracy, employers might prefer that the applicant sign it.

Legal disclaimers

This contains the following employment law and regulation information;

  • Equal opportunity employer (EEO) statements
  • Criminal conviction inquiries
  • Voluntary questions about affirmative action requests
  • Military or veteran status
  • Disability accommodations
  • “at will” employment disclaimers

Additional information

The requests and questions used to screen the applicants are included here. You may ask the applicant to explain the professional skills that qualify them for the job. Moreover, to identify problem-solving aptitude and screen for culture fit, probe with behavioral questions. You can also request information that make a first impression about your company’s culture.

Above all, it is also important to know what you shouldn’t include on the employment application form. Since it is a professional business document, don’t use jargon, vague information, or opinion. Employment regulations secure the legal rights of the employer and the applicant. Without consulting legal counsel and checking existing federal laws, state laws, or employment regulations, don’t include the following information on your employment application form;

  • Marital and family status
  • Citizenship or visa status
  • Religious affiliation
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identification
  • Age identification questions
  • Schedule availability
  • Creditworthiness or financial status
  • Physical information like height, weight, or general statements regarding physical requirements
  • Medical conditions
  • Disability related-questions
  • Reasonable accommodation statements
  • Non-discrimination statements
  • Graduation dates
  • Criminal arrests and convictions
  • Background check information or consent
  • Photo requests

You should review the information you request on the form. On the basis of the applicant’s merit and the job requirements, identify what is essential for your specific hiring process. With professional documentation consultants, seek legal counsel or work. If you aren’t sure of what to include or exclude on the form, check local and state laws that don’t allow the collection of specific personal data or questions that violate employment law.


In conclusion, by using an employment application template, you can streamline the process and make sure consistency. It becomes easier to track and contact candidates with a simplified employment application form.