Printable Attendance Sheet Templates For Students & Employees (Excel / Word / PDF)

By March 15, 2022Business

An attendance sheet template is a great tool used to keep track of students, teachers, and employee’s attendance. Successful teachers and employees always try their best to make their employees and students regularly come to work or school.

Reviewing the attendance of the students/teachers or employees is important. Moreover, low attendance may affect the overall performance of the business or the students.

Different types of attendance sheet templates:

There are different types of attendance sheet templates and each type has its own purpose;

Employee attendance sheet template

This type of attendance sheet template is used by the employers in the company to record the attendance of an employee. This document includes employee’s presence, absence, late comings, holidays, sick leaves, etc. These details are generally recorded to help the HR department, business owners, and executives in calculating their salaries.

Student attendance sheet template

Educational institutions use student attendance sheet templates. They use it to record the attendance of a student. This document assists the educational institutions in recording the students’ presence and absence in a class. In addition to this, a teacher’s workload is being reduced by using a student attendance sheet. It also saves time that can be used in other demanding tasks.

Timesheet attendance sheet template

It is a general tool used to track the attendance of employees, teachers, students and any other party. Employers use this attendance sheet to track the attendance and hours worked by employees who are being paid on a daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis. It is typically used to record the number of hours spent by the employees on the job. The timesheet attendance sheet records the time when employee arrive for work and when they leave.

Tools for recording attendance:

There are three main tools that are used to record the attendance;

Attendance register

Employers and educational institutions use an attendance register to record the regularity of an employee or a student on a daily basis. Employers use attendance register to identify the salary the employee is supposed to get. This document is especially helpful if the employee is being paid on an hourly basis.

Furthermore, for educational institutions, this tool is used to identify how prepared a student is for their exams on the basis of their class attendance. In most education institutions, there is a policy that require students to attend at least 90% of their classes in order to be allowed to take the exams.

Attendance sheet

Likewise attendance register, an attendance sheet has the same functionality. They assist the employers, businesses, and educational institutions in keeping track of the attendance of the employees, students or teachers.

Fingerprint machines

This age of technology has adopted by most businesses and are now using fingerprint machines to keep track of the attendance of their employees. But, they are a little expensive to install and maintain. However, this technology is still adopted by most businesses around the world.

Benefits of using an attendance sheet template:

Let us discuss below some benefits of recording attendance on attendance sheet;

  • With the help of attendance sheet, you can calculate salary, wages and overtime by tracking the employee’s regularity at work. Most employees/students will strive to come in early be keeping tracking of employees report to work and their level of punctuality.
  • Another benefit of attendance sheet is that it assists you in saving money and time for small enterprise businesses having low operating budgets by calculating the efficiency of teams/employees.
  • This sheet assists in reviewing an employee’s strengths on specific projects to help in identifying which projects they can handle best. This way, the overall performance of employees and the business get improved. Also, the employee will become able to handle and complete more tasks effectively.
  • Additionally, it helps in managing employee shifts, tracking and scheduling vacation times. The HR department and the management use the attendance sheet to identify attendance issues. They can also deal with those issues before they affect the organization’s performance.
  • Lastly, it is used to keep and maintain the records of the employee’s/student attendance. You will be able to know when they are absent and what action to take by keeping track of employees/student’s attendance. You may also like Employee Complaint Form Templates.


What does the attendance rate inform you regarding a school or a company?

The school might be face challenges in getting students to attend school regularly in case a school’s attendance is below the average required by the State. It is similar for companies. Low results are expected by having low attendance. The management must be questioned about such attendance.

How can schools and companies enhance their attendance rate?

Schools and companies can use several ways to enhance their attendance rates. For example, when students fail to come to school, then the schools can contact their parents/guardians to find out the reason. They can also make the school a great place and consequently students feel welcomed to get there. Also, companies should make a good working relationship with their employees. In case, they fail to show up to work, contact them. They can also add incentives or recognition programs in order to identify employees with good attendance.